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KreaTov 2014 – Chic and high fashion

This summer we will be arranging our fifth felting symposium. The theme for this year is fashion and accessories. There will be courses, workshops, excursion and lectures, but also exhibitions and sales of things related to wool, felting and fashion.

Chic and high fashion is a great opportunity if you want to increase your felting knowledge, get inspired and get to the next step in your felting.

At KreaTov 2014 you will meet other felting enthusiasts, people that are well known in the felting world, and who will take part in the symposium to teach and share their knowledge. You will also meet and enjoy Gotlandic culture and environment.

The symposium will take place at Gotlands folkhögskola (a school for adult education) in Hemse. It will take place from Wednesday June 25th to Sunday June 29th 2014.

Here is a link to the application form. In this form you can read more about the courses and our teachers at the symposium. If you want more information in English, please contact Anso Norling by e-mail:

Welcome to Gotland and KreaTov this summer!



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